p. 31 (Ghosh) Reference regarding multiculturalizing education system and unpacking issue of hegemonic culture dominating policy “The question of hierarch in cateogries of poppression leads to the view that issues often differe fo different groups, and the impact is weakened when mclism is lumped in with race and ethnicity and all dealth with simulatraeiously.”

p. 32 Failed to question whiteness and concern with the other.. failing in multic approach, maintaining dominant postiion.


p. 35 chpater in education system


p. 37 multicultural is for all, not just minority groups

p. 38 call for operationalization rather than discussionn–> opening comment (Ghosh and Abdi ) for my lit reveiw.

Accomodation vs incorporation. one implies “other” as different, and needing special adaptation to bridge or adopt the hegemonic culture… incorporate implies that the dominant group stretch in a way that incorporates other cultures, and other cultures that are not white are valued and incorporated into the dominant discourse. (ref p. 39 Ghosh and Abdi) to support this idea.

Welch has theories to put into practice:

link Other

reveal assymetrical power creates different conditions for groups…new patterns of relation forged by legitimizing mutliple voices and world views. (p. 39)


Difference as a creative force rather than a deficiency (p. 41 Ghosh and Abdi)

p. 42 multiculural education has failed to achieve its true objectives due  to paradigm bindness…paradigm shift shift in world view necessary…

p. 43 reference to federal no control over education to inform policy and praxis