At the onset of the semester, the students and Dr. Kathleen Scherf collaborated to develop plans for co-creating a website to culturally map the impact the Kamloops Art Gallery has on the community of Kamloops. During this time, the class re-imagined the original concept, reduced scope based on class size, and organized themselves around content areas. The students learned to utilize WordPress and H5P technology to develop imagery that included clickable areas in which content was placed.

  • Video, text, more imagery was used by one student to create a sense of place during the various visits to the KAG.
  • Another student was able to immerse himself in video production, and place his videos online.
  • A third student further developed her skills in social media by developing a social media plan for the KAG becoming the guest social media representative for the KAG.

The resulting object contains examples of the deep learning the students accomplished during the semester, fostering a connection between the KAG and TRU student community, while influencing the KAG’s social media plan.

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