Phlebotomy Learning Object

This order of draw activity was developed in response an Instructional Designer (ID) and subject matter expert (SME) requesting an innovative way for phlebotomy students to learn a particularly sticky topic area: memorizing the order of draw. After a few discussions, we brainstormed a few ideas:

  • the learning object as a website displaying the tubes in order with all the "tube details" (SME's term) on each page.
  • simulated learning activities encompassing real situations students might encounter in real life.
  • deploying it as a open educational resource.
  • a downloadable resource designed for print.

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Electrical / Plumbing Drag & Drop 

I conceptualized a way for this activity to sit in one "page" on the web. We'd exhausted our regular options to rapidly deploy interactive media (H5P, Moodle and Articulate). We ran into limitations with our LMS quiz tool, and Articulate software.  The first prototypes were clunky, deployed in a way that spread out the activity so the student wasn't able to view it on one screen. 

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Campus course: collaborative student website

This site is an example of a collaborative website developed during the course of a campus course: CMNS 3700.

I created a WordPress shell, architecture, and landing page after a brainstorming session with Dr. Kathleen Scherf prior to course inception. The request was to assist and support students to create content and shape a website to culturally map the Kamloops Art Gallery's impact on Kamloops community.  I facilitated a couple workshops on site at the KAG, and in class with Dr. Scherf to provide examples of possibilities utilizing the technology used to create course content and learning activities for Open Learning online courses.

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